[Haskell-cafe] Can Haskell outperform C++?

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> But on the other hand, there are quite a lot of people who focus
> excessively on "optimization" when the actual differences for the code
> they're writing are either negligible (e.g., because of I/O bottlenecks)
> or uninteresting (e.g., a 2x slowdown is a nuisance rather than a
> crisis).

It depends on what you use the code for. If I run an overnight report
for the trading book of my bank in 16 hours, it is
not acceptable and is a disaster. If I run it in 8h, it's OK-ish. In
business settings, you often have strict deadlines and
optimizing the code to be 2x faster can make a huge difference, as you
change from missing the deadline to
meeting a deadline.


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