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Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Wed May 2 19:18:23 CEST 2012

I am curious how the title was translated.  Of course, the English
title "Learn You a Haskell for Great Good" uses intentionally
ungrammatical/unidiomatic English for humorous effect.  Is the
Japanese title also ungrammatical/unidiomatic Japanese?  Or do
Japanese speakers not find that humorous?


On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 03:59:18PM +0900, Kazu Yamamoto wrote:
> Hello cafe,
> Translating "Learn You a Haskell for Great Good" into Japanese was
> finished and will be published on 22 May. I guess it's worth watching
> its cover page:
> 	http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%81%99%E3%81%94%E3%81%84Haskell%E3%81%9F%E3%81%AE%E3%81%97%E3%81%8F%E5%AD%A6%E3%81%BC%E3%81%86-Miran-Lipova%C4%8Da/dp/4274068854
> There are two translators: Tanaka is the author of "peggy" and Muranushi is
> the author of "Monadius".
> Regards,
> --Kazu
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