[Haskell-cafe] Darcs home page updated

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Tue May 1 06:00:54 CEST 2012

Thanks for the feedback Paul (and Michael), all such is very useful.

Maybe I'll try Django-green... :)

>   - there is a video right on the first page, good ! Unfortunatly, it is
>     not showing darcs but its cousin. Also, the title is "why do we
>     continue to develop ... [camp]", which isn't the most positive
>     approach one can expect on a start page

It does discuss both camp and darcs. I meant to say the following: I was happy to be able to use Ian Lynagh's video, 
which I have always felt strikes a very good tone - technical, concise, grounded and energising. I like listening to it. 
Thanks Ian!

Also, there isn't a lot out there to work with. Please let me know if I'm missing something else good.

>   - the compact tutorial is great, I love it. It deserves more poish. For
>     inspiration, one can have a look at this website for example :

Good to hear, I have scheduled more polish.

>   - underlined links looks a bit 90's. You can add a simple css rule to
>     choose an other color and remove the underline (though it is good
>     practice to set it on mouseover)

Oh I thought underline had come back in. Ok done.

A few more notes trimmed from the original mail:

- I've tried to emphasise the relative simplicity Darcs offers. I think this is a true strength and our biggest value 
proposition. (Aside: I think Haskell is another true strength, but a less obvious one, currently not mentioned.)

- You may notice my very swift description of patch dependencies. Though we are used to thinking of patch deps as 
painful, I think the text is a fair and accurate high-level description for newcomers. The video gives a little more 

- Like some other sites (I liked Mercurial's best), we have quick start examples right on the front page. This grew a 
bit long, but how handy to be able to jump to darcs.net and instantly see how to get stuff done.. and its basically *all 
you need to know* to use Darcs, correct me if I'm wrong.

- The colours are a bit anaemic. Needs more red and dark tones. The dark pres I tried gave less contrast..

- I use and occasionally hack on Alex Suraci's darcsden repo-hosting app. You can see my dev repo and changes at 
http://joyful.com/darcsden/simon/darcs-sm , and you might even be able to register, fork, show previews and send pull 
requests there - testers welcome. Perhaps one day this could be on darcs.net, or a reliable funded darcsden.com, or 

Best - Simon

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