[Haskell-cafe] network-conduit proxy

grant thelff at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 10 06:43:12 CET 2012

I've tried running the code with runTCPServer first but I get
 "recv: invalid argument (Bad file descriptor)" on ubuntu (virtualbox) 
and when running on windows 
I get "Network.Socket.ByteString.recv: failed (Unknown error)".

Also, it seems odd that when I run this code   https://gist.github.com/2010354   
that it doesn't print "END   serverSrc clientSink". 
Is this the expected behaviour or are resources not being closed?
Again the same thing happens when running on Ubuntu.

{- here is the output ...
START clientSrc serverSink
START serverSrc clientSink
END   clientSrc serverSink
START serverSrc clientSink
START clientSrc serverSink
END   clientSrc serverSink

Thanks for any ideas.

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