[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: string-conversions-0.1

Sönke Hahn shahn at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 9 15:36:36 CET 2012

Michael Snoyman wrote:
> I'm the author of convertible-text, and I consider it deprecated (it's
> marked as such in the synopsis).
> As far as string-conversions, I'm a little concerned that it's using
> decodeUtf8, which can throw exceptions from pure code for invalid UTF8
> sequences. I would prefer decodeUtf8With lenientDecode.

I wasn't aware of 'decodeUtf8With lenientDecode'. I changed it in the repo.

> Actually, my
> *real* preference would be that a lenient decode was the default so
> that we aren't exposing a partial function as the default way to
> decode bytes.

Are you talking about the default in decodeUtf8? (If yes, I tend to agree.)


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