[Haskell-cafe] Idris

John Lask jvlask at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 03:51:34 CET 2012

On 21/01/2012 5:45 AM, Ryan Ingram wrote:
> Has anyone played with Idris (http://idris-lang.org/) at all?  It looks
> interesting, and I'd love to play with it, but unfortunately I only have
> windows machines up and running at the moment and the documentation seems
> to imply it only builds on unixy systems.
> I'm curious how difficult it would be to get a win32 implementation up and
> running.
>    -- ryan

Idris itself will compile straightforwardly (although there are some 
shell dependencies that needs to be bypassed), the os dependent stuff is 
contained in the library epic upon which idris depends, which wraps some 
c code which is os dependent (#defines and other cruft).

The long and short of it is, I have "hacked" it (both epic & idris) to 
compile on windows. However, I have not debugged it, so that it works 
properly (I have taken some liberties/shortcuts to get it to compile).

I have not had any time to progress this further and probably won't for 
the foreseeable future. I can make my "hacked" code available to you, 
together with my notes. I imagine it would require a couple of days 
effort to correct and ensure that it works properly, testing it etc 
(depending on how far you want to go).

Contact me off the email list if interested.


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