[Haskell-cafe] Simple type-class experiment turns out not so simple...

Steve Horne sh006d3592 at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 11:16:15 CET 2012

I was messing around with type-classes (familiarization exercises) when 
I hit a probably newbie problem. Reducing it to the simplest case...

module BinTree ( WalkableBinTree, BT (Branch, Empty) ) where
   --  n : node type
   --  d : data item type wrapped in each node
   class WalkableBinTree n where
     wbtChildren       :: n -> Maybe (n, n)
     wbtData           :: n -> Maybe d

   --  Simple tree type, mostly for testing
   data BT x = Branch x (BT x) (BT x)
             | Empty

   instance WalkableBinTree (BT x) where
     wbtChildren (Branch d l r) = Just (l, r)
     wbtChildren  Empty         = Nothing

     wbtData     (Branch d l r) = Just d
     wbtData      Empty         = Nothing

Loading this code into GHCi, I get...

Prelude> :load BinTree
[1 of 1] Compiling BinTree          ( BinTree.hs, interpreted )

     Couldn't match type `x' with `d'
       `x' is a rigid type variable bound by
           the instance declaration at BinTree.hs:12:32
       `d' is a rigid type variable bound by
           the type signature for wbtData :: BT x -> Maybe d
           at BinTree.hs:16:5
     In the first argument of `Just', namely `d'
     In the expression: Just d
     In an equation for `wbtData': wbtData (Branch d l r) = Just d
Failed, modules loaded: none.

I've tried varying a number of details. Adding another parameter to the 
type-class (for the item-data type) requires an extension, and even then 
the instance is rejected because (I think) the tree-node and item-data 
types aren't independent.

In any case, I can't understand why those types can't match.

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