[Haskell-cafe] Subject: A universal data store interface

Deian Stefan haskell-cafe at deian.net
Tue Feb 14 20:48:56 CET 2012

Hi Greg,

> Thanks for bringing this to our attention - this is a neat project! It
> actually looks *exactly* like persistent - I can't actually discern a
> meaningful difference, although likely your internals are slightly
> simpler if you only support MongoDB. If your goals are to support
> multiple backends then it seems your goals are *exactly* the same as
> Persistent. Lets collaborate on this off of the mail list.

Great, I think collaborating on this will be useful! (Posting this on
cafe to reflect the github url.)

> The url listed on hackage for the git repo points to Stanford, not github.

Here is the github mirror: https://github.com/deian/structued-mongoDB


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