[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: haskell-docs - Given a module name and a name, it will find and display the documentation of that name.

Christopher Done chrisdone at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 01:43:16 CET 2012

Ahoy hoy,

Just thought I'd announce a tool I whipped up these evening to take a
module name and a name and output the installed Haddock documentation
for it. Examples with my GHCi session:

λ> :doc Data.List.Split split
Split a list according to the given splitting strategy. This is
 how to "run" a Splitter that has been built using the other
λ> :doc Control.Concurrent.MVar swapMVar
Take a value from an MVar, put a new value into the MVar and
 return the value taken. This function is atomic only if there are
 no other producers for this MVar.
λ> :doc Data.List sort
Ambiguous module, belongs to more than one package: base haskell2010-
Continuing anyway...
Package: base
The sort function implements a stable sorting algorithm.
 It is a special case of sortBy, which allows the programmer to supply
 their own comparison function.

Please have a play with it, the package is at:
http://hackage.haskell.org/package/haskell-docs It has installation
instructions. Feel free to share any issues that you have, either
here, or on the Github page: https://github.com/chrisdone/haskell-docs
There are some issues to do with versioning that I'm not sure how to
solve in a standard way.

The obvious next step is to have a -package-conf flag so that it can
be used with cabal-dev.

The wizards on #haskell are currently thinking of a way to avoid
having to write the module name and just use what's in scope.


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