[Haskell-cafe] Cabal rebuilding all of the C++ code for wxHaskell

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at goto10.org
Fri Sep 30 04:02:23 CEST 2011

On 30/09/11 02:45, DukeDave wrote:
> 1. Is there some reason (other than 'safety') that "cabal install" cleans
> everything up?

As far as I've experienced and understand it, it doesn't - it's more 
that GHC can detect when Haskell modules don't need recompiling while 
the same is not true for C or C++ sources.  For example, I change one 
module and see GHC report only that module and its dependents being 
recompiled, while the other compiled modules are reused from previous 
'cabal install' runs.  The "C-sources:" are recompiled every time even 
if unchanged, which I too find it somewhat annoying even with my small 

> 2. Why does setting cleanHook to return () not have any effect?

I think becausae the clean hook is probably not called by 'cabal 
install', but by 'cabal clean'.


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