[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger-web 0.15.1 (& hledger 0.15)

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Fri Sep 2 20:05:44 CEST 2011

I've made a bugfix release of the hledger-web package, to fix build problems.

hledger-web 0.15.1:

  * web: add missing Hledger.Web.Options to cabal file
  * web: tighten up dependencies to reduce build problems

And here's another new dependency I forgot to mention: flot, the js
charting library.

The rest of this mail is a repeat of yesterday's announcement, since that
one seriously confused google groups, gmane, and perhaps your mailreader
(pro tip: don't re-edit old announcements with Mail.app's cmd-shift-d. :)


Date: 2011/9/1
Subject: ANN: hledger 0.15

I'm pleased to announce hledger 0.15! This release includes work by
Trygve Laugstøl, Dmitry Astapov, Clint Adams, Johann Klähn and

hledger is a library and set of user tools for working with
financial data (or anything that can be tracked in a double-entry
accounting ledger.) It is a haskell port and friendly fork of John
Wiegley's Ledger. hledger provides command-line, curses and web
interfaces, and aims to be a reliable, practical tool for daily use.
Given a plain text file describing transactions of money or any
other commodity, it will print the chart of accounts, account
balances, or just the transactions you're interested in.  It can
also help you record new transactions, or convert CSV data from your

Home: http://hledger.org

IRC: irc://irc.freenode.net/#ledger

Install: cabal update; cabal install hledger
           [hledger-web hledger-vty hledger-chart hledger-interest]

Platform-specific binaries, which are time-consuming to make and
support, are now provided on request to financial donors - a great
way to give back and help pay hosting costs!


Release notes for 0.15:

  * hledger's options are now modal, providing better help (using

  * hledger now lists and runs any hledger-* add-ons found in the
    user's path

  * case insensitivity of filter patterns has been fixed

  * parsing: `alias`/`end aliases` directives, for renaming
    accounts, are supported, like ledger's but a bit more powerful;
    also an `--alias` option for renaming on the fly

  * parsing: the `account` directive now preserves posting type
    (normal/virtual/balanced virtual)

  * parsing: the `pop` directive is supported as an alias for `end
    tag`, like ledger

  * parsing: `P` (historical price) directives can contain a
    (ignored) numeric time zone, like ledger

  * parsing: the leading `!` in directives is now optional and
    deprecated, like ledger

  * parsing: entries with a negative amount in the first posting now
    infer the correct balancing amount

  * parsing: bad date checking is more accurate

  * balance: collapsing of boring accounts to one line can be
    disabled with `--no-elide`

  * balance: fix a wrong precision regression from last release

  * convert: standard input can be converted

  * convert: an alternate rules file can be specified with `--rules`

  * convert: `account2-field` can be used when the CSV file
    specifies both accounts

  * convert: `description-field` can have a custom format and
    combine multiple CSV fields

  * convert: `in-field` and `out-field` support CSV files that use
    two amount columns

  * convert: don't fail when there's no default journal file

  * web: the web interface has been overhauled/cleaned up

  * web: account register views are now transaction-based, like
    gnucash etc., and show accurate historical balances when

  * web: simple balance charts are displayed (using flot)

  * web: more expressive and consistent search patterns, using a new
    matching engine

  * web: add form uses currently focussed account as default,
    redirects to itself, formats status messages better

  * web: sidebar now shows empty/boring accounts too

  * web: now uses warp and a newer yesod

  * api simplifications

  * importable Hledger, Hledger.Web, Hledger.Vty and Hledger.Chart

  * the basic reports are now provided by hledger-lib for easier

  * new api use examples: `equity.hs`, `uniquify.hs`

  * some old base 3 support has been dropped

  * the old -s flag has been dropped


Release contributors: Simon Michael, Trygve Laugstøl, Dmitry Astapov, Clint Adams, Johann Klähn

132 days, 314 commits, 18 end-user features and 6 end-user bugfixes since last release.

210 unit & functional tests and 55% unit test coverage (hledger, hledger-lib packages).

7642 lines of code (all packages).

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