[Haskell-cafe] Amazon AWS storage best to use with Haskell?

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Mon Oct 31 21:53:52 CET 2011

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 6:50 PM, John Lenz <lenz at math.uic.edu> wrote:

> CouchDB works great, although I decided to go with SimpleDB since then it
> is amazon's problem to scale and allocate disk and so forth, which I like
> better.  For couchdb, you can use my package couchdb-enumerator on hackage.
> Regarding CouchDB. So far I have my records keyed by Id and stored in
Data.Map which I serialize to  text file. Using Data.Map functions I do
many operations with these records including mapping functions over keys
and values, accumulation, lookup, intersection, union etc.
When I move this data to CouchDB and start using couchdb-enumerator to work
with it, how natural will it be to implement all these functions that I use
from Data.Map?
Or maybe it makes more sense to store my serialized Data.Map as a blob in
CouchDB? And do not use views or similar CouchDB / SimpleDB interfaces at
all?  Just retrieve necessary blob and deserialize it to Data.Map, update
and then store modified blob to CouchDB again?

It would be great if somebody had time to implement Data.List, Data.Map,
etc on top of generic  NoSQL DB interface with specific instances for
CouchDB, SimpleDB, etc.
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