[Haskell-cafe] ANN: OpenCL package

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Tue Oct 4 11:33:34 CEST 2011

Luis Cabellos <cabellos at ifca.unican.es> writes:

>  * The main reason is that I'm not comfortable with the license
> you're using.  The original code by Jeff Heard was BSD3 with an
> additional copyright notice.  Your code is AGPL3.  The GPL is known to
> cause problems with Haskell code due to cross module inlining.  I
> don't know how the "A" in AGPL changes things.

I don't think inlining matters in this case.  If you distribute a work
incorporating GPL code, you must allow the recipient to redistribute it
(including all sources) under the GPL.  Clearly, GPL code is not
suitable when you wish to redistribute it along with proprietary code,
but it should be unproblematic for most open source projects.

For *L*GPL code, the intention is that it can apply to a library,
distributed as a separate unit, and allowing it to be *used* as such,
also by proprietary applications.  Inlining through static linking may
affect this, as it incorporates actual code from the LGPL
library in a program that is then distributed as a propietary, binary

> I understand your point. I didn't know the problems with cross module
> inlining that Haskell suffers. I learned the BSD3, I think is a good  and
> I'll change it on github and I'll put in the next release.

If you are happy with BSD3, that license is the one which will make your
code most generally useful.  The intent behind the GPL family is to make the
code useful to those who reciprocate the sentiment, and less useful to
those who don't.  In practice, it is rare that BSD3 licensed libraries
are made proprietary, it is often to everybody's benefit that thinks are
maintained in the open.  The general sentiment in the Haskell community
is a preference for BSD.

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