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On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 5:54 AM, Jerzy Karczmarczuk <
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> Do you mind some ... how to say ... offside comments?
> 1. The Curry Da mascot looks like a penguin disguised as a  lamb. I have
> nothing against penguins !

Hi Jerry, thanks for your input. The reason to have the the lamb standing
up is just so he can be dressed, and it does have similarities to a penguin
with its round belly, I suppose.

> 2. Da, da, konech'no, mais, Signori und Demoiselles, do you realize that
> "lamb" is an English word, and we should think about our multilingual
> society. with our agneaux and other Karakuls. You will have problems with
> the translation of the mascot into German, and some may find some analogies
> with another image:
> http://www.chrisrusak.com/**images/11-013_small.jpg<http://www.chrisrusak.com/images/11-013_small.jpg>
> called  "Ein liebliches Lämmlein zu Tod" (after Des Knaben Wunderhorn, in
> the last part of Mahler 4th Symphony).
> 3. On the other hand, from the cultural point of view, this is a very good
> idea, and quite international, everybody knows Lamb Curry (Rogan Josh):
> http://www.route79.com/food/**rogan-josh.htm<http://www.route79.com/food/rogan-josh.htm>
Some might picture a symphony or what looks like newspaper origami when
they hear Da, and some might picture food when they hear Curry. I like Da
because its simple and "Da the lamb" rolls smoothly off the tongue.
Probably best to open a poll to and let everyone decide.

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