[Haskell-cafe] A Mascot

Jerzy Karczmarczuk jerzy.karczmarczuk at unicaen.fr
Wed Nov 16 12:54:33 CET 2011

Do you mind some ... how to say ... offside comments?

1. The Curry Da mascot looks like a penguin disguised as a  lamb. I have 
nothing against penguins !

2. Da, da, konech'no, mais, Signori und Demoiselles, do you realize that 
"lamb" is an English word, and we should think about our multilingual 
society. with our agneaux and other Karakuls. You will have problems 
with the translation of the mascot into German, and some may find some 
analogies with another image:
called  "Ein liebliches Lämmlein zu Tod" (after Des Knaben Wunderhorn, 
in the last part of Mahler 4th Symphony).

3. On the other hand, from the cultural point of view, this is a very 
good idea, and quite international, everybody knows Lamb Curry (Rogan Josh):

4. It is incredible, how this mascot inspired a long, long discussion 
about the Bottom. Now, Bottom is important ! Most French politicians 
speak only about that (well, at least one of them doesn't speak, but 
prefers practical exercises...), but I confess that I am a little lost. 
Anyway, I learned something.
For example, that what is strictly forbidden, is lazily allowed.

Best regards

Jerzy Karczmarczuk
Caen, France.
(25 km from the Oldest Comic Strip in the World, 1000 years and progressing)

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