[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCEMENT: nehe-tuts 0.2.0, new release

Jason Dagit dagitj at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 02:45:36 CEST 2011

What is the nehe-tuts package?

In 1999 Jeff Molofee, aka NeHe, wrote a series of tutorials on how to get
started with basic OpenGL.  In 2005, I ported the code for these tutorial
pages to Haskell.  You can find NeHe's original tutorials here:

Since that time, we have seen the adoption of Cabal, the rise of Hackage, a
major refactoring of the Haskell OpenGL bindings, major revisions to the
official OpenGL spec, and major changes to GHC.  Through all of that my
tutorial conversions have continue to compile with GHC by explicitly
requesting Haskell98, but they are starting to bit rot and GHC complains
that I use deprecated features.

This release represents an effort to modernize the haskell version of these
tutorials.  I have stopped using the OpenGL package and now instead use the
easier/cleaner OpenGLRaw bindings.  Instead of GLUT, I use GLFW-b bindings.
 This means windows users can 'cabal install' this package and run the
examples with just the Haskell Platform.  No extra libraries need to be
manually installed.  All the dependencies can be installed from Hackage.

I've also replaced some of the uglier bits that I wrote with nicer libraries
like bytestring and cereal.

These tutorial need further updates in order to match the latest in OpenGL
specifications.  The tutorials are still written using OpenGL's immediate
mode, but that was deprecated in OpenGL 3.x so it's possible that in the
future these examples won't be supported by your graphics card.  Updating
these examples to not rely on deprecated APIs should be easy, but I wanted
an intermediate modernization release first.

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