[Haskell-cafe] Tying the recursive knot

Joshua Ball joshbball at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 20:35:59 CET 2011

 - Hi all,
 - I'm having trouble tying the recursive knot in one of my programs.
 - Suppose I have the following data structures and functions:
module Recursion where

import Control.Monad.Fix
import Data.Map ((!))
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Debug.Trace

newtype Key = Key { unKey :: String }
  deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)

data Chain = Link Int Chain | Trace String Chain | Ref Key
  deriving (Show)

reduce :: M.Map Key Chain -> Key -> [Int]
reduce env k = follow (env ! k) where
  follow (Link i c) = i : follow c
  follow (Ref k) = reduce env k
  follow (Trace message c) = trace message (follow c)

-- Now I want a "force" function that expands all of the chains into
int sequences.
force1, force2 :: M.Map Key Chain -> M.Map Key [Int]

-- This is pretty easy to do:
force1 mp = M.fromList (map (\k -> (k, reduce mp k)) (M.keys mp))

-- But I want the int sequences to be lazy. The following example
illustrates that they are not:
example = M.fromList [(Key "ones", Link 1 . Trace "expensive
computation here" . Ref . Key $ "ones")]
-- Run "force1 example" in ghci, and you will see the "expensive
computation here" messages interleaved with an infinite
-- list of ones. I would prefer for the "expensive computation" to
happen only once.

-- Here was my first attempt at regaining laziness:
fixpointee :: M.Map Key Chain -> M.Map Key [Int] -> M.Map Key [Int]
fixpointee env mp = M.fromList (map (\k -> (k, reduce env k)) (M.keys mp))

force2 env = fix (fixpointee env)

main = print $ force2 example

 - However, this gets stuck in an infinite loop and doesn't make it
past printing "fromList ".
 - (It was not difficult for me to see why, once I thought about it.)
 - How do I recover laziness? A pure solution would be nice, but in
the actual program
 - I am working on, I am in the IO monad, so I am ok with an impure solution.
 - It's also perfectly ok for me to modify the reduce function.
 - Thanks in advance for you help,
 - Josh "Ua" Ball

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