[Haskell-cafe] hsc2hs not figuring out #include paths?

Edward Amsden eca7215 at cs.rit.edu
Fri Mar 11 00:29:38 CET 2011

I'm trying to write some bindings using hsc2hs. At the top of my .hsc
file, I have

#include <jack/types.h>
#include <jack/jack.h>

When I compile a .c file with just these two lines in gcc, it works
fine (the jack directory is in /usr/local/include). When I try to run
it complains that it cannot find the header files.

Any ideas? How do I set the include path (via cabal or just in hsc2hs)
for hsc2hs?

Edward Amsden
Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

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