[Haskell-cafe] Subcategories on Hackage

Tillmann Vogt Tillmann.Vogt at rwth-aachen.de
Sat Jun 4 15:41:22 CEST 2011

Am 04.06.2011 15:00, schrieb Sebastian Fischer:
> http://www.shirky.com/writings/ontology_overrated.html

I think I have read that article a long time ago. I just looked at it 
again. Very lengthy but true.
In the middle there is a section when ontologies work well and ... it 
all applies to Hackage.

When Does Ontological Classification Work Well?

Domain to be Organized

  Small corpus           3k libraries is nothing compared to the whole 
web (referring to the yahoo example), or every book on earth
Formal categories   already exist, just need some improvement
  Stable entities         Haskell is a mathematical language, and if 
there is one thing that will never change then it is math
  Restricted entities  access only after personal email
  Clear edges             ?

  Expert catalogers                               Maybe the best 
educated programmers in the world
  Authoritative source of judgment   Maybe
  Coordinated users                             It could be better
  Expert users                                        mostly

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