[Haskell-cafe] Subcategories on Hackage

Tillmann Vogt Tillmann.Vogt at rwth-aachen.de
Sat Jun 4 10:02:52 CEST 2011


There are some categories on Hackage that have become so large that it 
is hard to find something, i.e. Data(414 packages) and Graphics (191). 
Thats why I suggest to use subcategories separated from the category 
with a dot. To show that this makes sense I made subcategories for 
graphics libraries at the end of this email.
Whatever happens to hackage2 this would be an immediate improvement.

I would volunteer for the manual categorization and let the community 
look over it.
I could upload the changes with a script but the version number has to 
increase even if only the category has changed. I also don't want to be 
responsible for a massive spike in the upload statistics.
Shouldn't the cabal file be excluded from the versioning policy? => It 
is allowed to upload a library with the same version number if only the 
cabal file has changed. One should write a notifiaction mail to all 
owners to reply if they don't agree. Then after a week executing the 
script that applies the changes.

Categories for Graphics:

    bacteria program: braindead utility to compose Xinerama backgrounds
    barchart library and program: Creating Bar Charts in Haskell
    chalkboard library and programs: Combinators for building and 
processing 2D images.
    chalkboard-viewer library: OpenGL based viewer for chalkboard 
rendered images.
    Chart library: A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots
    dia-base library: An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - data 
    dia-functions library: An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - 
    diagrams library: Embedded domain-specific language for declarative 
vector graphics
    diagrams-cairo library: Cairo backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
    diagrams-core library: Core libraries for diagrams EDSL
    diagrams-lib library: Embedded domain-specific language for 
declarative graphics
    explore program: Experimental Plot data Reconstructor
    funcmp library: Functional MetaPost
    gloss library: Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations.
    gloss-examples programs: Examples using the gloss library
    GoogleChart library: Generate web-based charts using the Google 
Chart API
    graphics-drawingcombinators library: A functional interface to 2D 
drawing in OpenGL
    haha library and program: A simple library for creating animated 
ascii art on ANSI terminals.
    HDRUtils library: Utilities for reading, manipulating, and writing 
HDR images
    hevolisa program: Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell
    hevolisa-dph program: Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell - using 
Data Parallel Haskell
    Hieroglyph library: Purely functional 2D graphics for visualization.
    HPlot library and program: A minimal monadic PLplot interface for 
    hs-captcha library: Generate images suitable for use as CAPTCHAs in 
online web-form security.
    hs-gchart library: Haskell wrapper for the Google Chart API
    hsparklines library: Sparklines for Haskell
    internetmarke program: Shell command for constructing custom stamps 
for German Post
    plot library: A plotting library, exportable as eps/pdf/svg/png or 
renderable with gtk
    plot-gtk library: GTK plots and interaction with GHCi
    printxosd program: Simple tool to display some text on an on-screen 
    scaleimage program: Scale an image to a new geometry
    testpattern program: Display a monitor test pattern
    wumpus-basic library: Basic objects and system code built on 
    wumpus-core library: Pure Haskell PostScript and SVG generation.
    wumpus-drawing library: High-level drawing objects built on 
    wumpus-microprint library: Microprints - "greek-text" pictures.
    wumpus-tree library: Drawing trees
    zsh-battery program: Ascii bars representing battery status

    Attrac program: Visualisation of Strange Attractors in 3-Dimensions
    cal3d library: Haskell binding to the Cal3D animation library.
    cal3d-examples programs: Examples for the Cal3d animation library.
    cal3d-opengl library: OpenGL rendering for the Cal3D animation library
    FieldTrip library: Functional 3D
    gnuplot library and program: 2D and 3D plots using gnuplot
    HGL library: A simple graphics library based on X11 or Win32
    hgl-example program: Various animations generated using HGL
    IcoGrid library: Library for generating grids of hexagons and 
pentagons mapped to a sphere.
    nymphaea program: An interactive GUI for manipulating L-systems
    reactive-fieldtrip library: Connect Reactive and FieldTrip
    reactive-glut library: Connects Reactive and GLUT

    fractal program: Draw Newton, Julia and Mandelbrot fractals
    gmndl program: Mandelbrot Set explorer using GTK
    hfractal program: OpenGL fractal renderer
    mandulia program: A zooming visualisation of the Mandelbrot Set as 
many Julia Sets.

    glintcollider program: A simple ray tracer in an early stage of 
    glome-hs library and program: ray tracer
    GlomeTrace library: Ray Tracing Library
    GlomeVec library: Simple 3D vector library
    HRay program: Haskell raytracer
    jort program: JP's own ray tracer

    graph-rewriting-layout library: Force-directed node placement 
intended for incremental graph drawing
    pango library: Binding to the Pango text rendering engine.

    triangulation library: triangulation of polygons
    splines library: B-Splines, other splines, and NURBS.

    AC-PPM library: Trivial package for writing PPM images.
    bitmap library: A library for handling and manipulating bitmaps.
    bitmap-opengl library: OpenGL support for Data.Bitmap.
    exif library: A Haskell binding to a subset of libexif
    fig library: Manipulation of FIG files
    graphicsFormats library: Classes for renderable objects.
    hsmagick library: FFI bindings for the GraphicsMagick library
    Imlib library
    jpeg library: A library for decoding JPEG files written in pure Haskell
    pgm library: Pure Haskell implementation of PGM image format
    SDL-image library: Binding to libSDL_image
    stb-image library: A wrapper around Sean Barrett's JPEG/PNG decoder
    tga library: Reading and writing of tga image files

    cairo library: Binding to the Cairo library.
    craftwerk library and programs: 2D graphics library with integrated 
TikZ output.
    craftwerk-cairo library: Cairo backend for Craftwerk.
    craftwerk-gtk library and program: Gtk UI for Craftwerk.
    HPDF library: Generation of PDF documents
    hps library: Haskell Postscript
    hps-cairo library: Cairo rendering for the haskell postscript library
    HsHaruPDF library: Haskell binding to libharu 
    poppler library: Binding to the Poppler.
    svgcairo library: Binding to the libsvg-cairo library.
    SVGPath library: Parsing the path command from SVG
    svgutils library and program: Helper functions for dealing with SVG 

    collada-output library and program: Generate animated 3d objects in 
    collada-types library: data exchange between graphic applications
    graphics-formats-collada library: Load 3D geometry in the COLLADA format
    obj library: Reads and writes obj models.

Graphics.Engine  (OpenGL and libraries that make it easier to use OpenGL)
    GLURaw library: A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
    GLUT library: A binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
    GLFW library: A Haskell binding for GLFW
    GLFW-b library: GLFW bindings
    GLFW-b-demo program: GLFW-b test\/example\/demo
    GLFW-OGL library: A binding for GLFW (OGL)
    GPipe library: A functional graphics API for programmable GPUs
    GPipe-Collada library: Load GPipe meshes from Collada files
    GPipe-Examples programs: Examples for the GPipes package
    GPipe-TextureLoad library: Load GPipe textures from filesystem
    hogre library: Haskell binding to a subset of OGRE
    hogre-examples programs: Examples for using Hogre.
    haskgame library: Haskell game library.
    IrrHaskell library: Haskell FRP binding to the Irrlicht game engine.
    lambdacube-bullet program: Example for combining LambdaCube and Bullet
    lambdacube-engine library: 3D rendering engine entirely written in 
    lambdacube-examples programs: Examples for LambdaCube
    nehe-tuts programs: Port of the NeHe OpenGL tutorials to Haskell.
    OGL library: A context aware binding for the OpenGL graphics system
    OpenGL library: A binding for the OpenGL graphics system
    OpenGLCheck library: Quickcheck instances for various data structures.
    OpenGLRaw library: A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
    OpenGLRaw21 library: The intersection of OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGL 3.1 Core
    rsagl library: The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library
    scenegraph library: Scene Graph

    font-opengl-basic4x6 library and program: Basic4x6 font for OpenGL
    freetype2 library and program: Haskell binding for FreeType 2 library
    FTGL library: Portable TrueType font rendering for OpenGL using the 
Freetype2 library
    SDL-ttf library: Binding to libSDL_ttf
    SFont library: SFont SDL Bitmap Fonts
    stb-truetype library: A wrapper around Sean Barrett's TrueType 
rasterizer library.
    SVGFonts library and program: Fonts from the SVG-Font format

    GLHUI library: Open OpenGL context windows in X11 with libX11
    ige-mac-integration library: Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration 
    minimung program: Shows how to run grabber on Mac OS X
    Win32 library: A binding to part of the Win32 library
    X11 library: A binding to the X11 graphics library
    X11-extras library: Missing bindings to the X11 graphics library
    X11-rm library: A binding to the resource management functions 
missing from X11.
    X11-xdamage library: A binding to the Xdamage X11 extension library
    X11-xfixes library: A binding to the Xfixes X11 extension library
    X11-xft library: Bindings to the Xft, X Free Type interface library, 
and some Xrender parts
    x11-xim library: A binding to the xim of X11 graphics library
    X11-xshape library: A binding to the Xshape X11 extension library
    Xauth library: A binding to the X11 authentication library
    xhb library: X Haskell Bindings
    xosd library: A binding to the X on-screen display

    glade library: Binding to the glade library.
    gtk library: Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library.
    gtk-serialized-event library: GTK+ Serialized event.
    gtkglext library: Binding to the GTK+ OpenGL Extension
    gtkimageview library: Binding to the GtkImageView library.
    gtksourceview2 library: Binding to the GtkSourceView library.
    lui library: Purely FunctionaL User Interface
    soegtk library: GUI functions as used in the book "The Haskell 
School of Expression".

    AC-Vector library: Efficient geometric vectors and transformations.
    AC-Vector-Fancy library: Fancy type-system stuff for AC-Vector
    Vec-OpenGLRaw library: Instances and functions to interoperate Vec 
and OpenGL.
    Vec-Transform library: Extends the Vec package with some 4x4 
transform matrices
    vect library: A low-dimensional linear algebra library, tailored to 
computer graphics.
    vect-opengl library: OpenGL support for the `vect' low-dimensional 
linear algebra library.

    graphviz library and program: Graphviz bindings for Haskell.
    hubigraph library: A haskell wrap for Ubigraph
    splot program: A tool for visualizing the lifecycle of many 
concurrent multi-staged processes.
    timeplot program: A tool for visualizing time series from log files.

    HTicTacToe program: An SDL tic-tac-toe game.

Graphics (not subcategorized yet)
    AC-Colour library: Efficient RGB colour types.
    AC-EasyRaster-GTK library: GTK+ pixel plotting.
    assimp library: The Assimp asset import library
    Chitra program: A platform independent mechanism to render graphics 
using vnc.
    colour library: A model for human colour/color perception
    CV library: OpenCV based machine vision library
    cv-combinators library and programs: Functional Combinators for 
Computer Vision
    derivation-trees library: Typeset Derivation Trees via MetaPost
    gd library: A Haskell binding to a subset of the GD graphics library
    ghci-diagrams library: Display simple diagrams from ghci
    graph-rewriting-gl library: OpenGL interface for interactive port 
graph rewriting
    HOpenCV library and program: A binding for the OpenCV computer 
vision library
    IFS library and program: Iterated Function System generation for Haskell
    Noise library: A Haskell coherent noise generator based on libnoise
    ObjectIO library
    OpenCLRaw library: The OpenCL Standard for heterogenous 
data-parallel computing
    OpenVG library: OpenVG (ShivaVG-0.2.1) binding
    OpenVGRaw library: Raw binding to OpenVG (ShivaVG-0.2.1 implementation).
    probability library: Probabilistic Functional Programming
    SGdemo program: An example of using the SG and OpenGL libraries
    SDL library: Binding to libSDL
    SDL-gfx library: Binding to libSDL_gfx
    SDL-mixer library: Binding to libSDL_mixer
    SDL-mpeg library: Binding to the SMPEG library
    smallpt-hs program: A Haskell port of the smallpt path tracer.
    Sprig library: Binding to Sprig
    treemap-html library: Generates HTML for Data.Tree as TreeMap
    treemap-html-tools library and programs: Treemap related commands 
for producing foldable TreeMap HTML.
    vte library: Binding to the VTE library.
    webkit library: Binding to the Webkit library.
    wordcloud library: Library for generating word/tag clouds.

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