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Am Samstag, den 15.01.2011, 13:38 +0000 schrieb Neil Mitchell:
> >> Thanks to Erik's help testing preview versions I've now released
> >> Hoogle 4.1.4 that sets the file creation mask appropriately.
> >
> > Shouldn't data like this really go in /var rather than /usr ?  To
> > quote Wikipedia [1]: "/var/: Variable files—files whose content is
> > expected to continually change during normal operation of the
> > system—such as logs, spool files, and temporary e-mail files."
> The Hoogle databases are expected to change very rarely - most users
> will install them when they install Hoogle. A small number will update
> them occasionally as the packages update. I'm using the Cabal datadir
> to store the databases, but does Cabal provide a more sensible place
> to put them? As a Windows user, I'm happy to defer to what Posix
> system users want.

shouldn’t they change with every library update? In that case, maybe
that should be managed by cabal, similar to how cabal can update your
haddock index at ~/.cabal/share/doc/index.html.

(Such an infrastructure would be nice for other people as well, e.g.

But I might misunderstand how hoogle works and what the databases are


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