[Haskell-cafe] Install GTK on Windows

Daniel Díaz danieldiaz at asofilak.es
Fri Feb 25 23:02:02 CET 2011

El Vie, 25 de Febrero de 2011, 10:38 pm, Ryan Yates escribió:
> In my experience cross platform tools do not work in the presence of
> spaces
> in paths.  Because of this when on Windows I have the habit of putting any
> cross platform libraries or tools in a non-spaced path.  Another option
> could be to use the short path names when setting the PATH.  GHC and cabal
> do not appear to have this problem (fortunately).
> Ryan

Spaces are not a problem for me. I can, for example, run the gtk-demo
without problems. I avoid, when it's possible, to write spaces in my
folder and file names, but I think the problem here is another. Anyway, I
will test it.

Daniel Díaz

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