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Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 21:05:22 CET 2011

Great! That was pretty fast :)

Are you going to update invertible-syntax to use partial-isomorphisms-0.2?

2011/2/5 Tillmann Rendel <tillmann at rendel.net>

> Hi Ozgur,
> Ozgur Akgun wrote:
>> I've already implemented a toy example and it worked great. Now I am
>> trying
>> to use your library in a more serious piece of code, and I've realised
>> that
>> defineIsomorphisms doesn't support record constructors. To be precise, you
>> handle the case for NormalC in the code, however you do not handle RecC. I
>> don't think this will be a difficult thing to add. Is there any reason for
>> you not to support RecC?
> No reason at all. I just generalized the Template Haskell macros. They now
> support:
>  * newtypes
>  * infix constructors
>  * record constructors
> Infix constructors are only support by constructorIso, though, not by
> defineIsomorphisms, because I can't think of a good automatic naming scheme.
> Suggestions welcome.
> The code is on hackage.
> There are still some constructors which are not supported: constructors of
> GADTs as well as data or newtype instances, and constructors with
> existentials. I would need to think about typing issues before supporting
> these.
>  Tillmann

Ozgur Akgun
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