[Haskell-cafe] Problems with iteratees

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Fri Feb 4 02:03:37 CET 2011

On 2/3/11 8:05 AM, John Lato wrote:
> I don't have too much to add to Maciej and Oleg's reply, except that I'd
> recommend looking at the Wave codec over the Tiff reader in those versions
> of iteratee.  I don't think that's the only problem, though, because then
> you'd be getting a "Divergent iteratee" error.

I'll try taking a look at them. I hadn't because I know nothing about 
Tiff and Wave formats, so I wouldn't know what I'm looking at regarding 
the gritty details of iteratee semantics. The error handling stuff is by 
far the murkiest part of the various iteratee designs IMO.

> The "endOfInput" error is suspicious, and I think you'll need to track it
> down to solve this problem.  It doesn't appear to be from either iteratee or
> protocol-buffers.  Could it be coming from your IO library?  I wonder if the
> enumerator is trying to force a read after EOF has been reached for some
> reason?

That's definitely the suspicious bit. It's not coming from any of my 
code (including the hprotoc-generated code), and I didn't see anything 
in iteratee nor protocol-buffers that could throw it either...

I just got fed up with it and ran `strings` on all the libraries I link 
against, and the only one that turns up with "endOfInput" is attoparsec 
(which has a function by that name). But I'm not using attoparsec 
anywhere near this segment of code... Well, it's a lead at least.

> As an experiment, you could try using a custom convStream function like
> this:
> convStream2
>     :: Monad m
>     => IterateeG s el m (Maybe (s' el'))
>     -> EnumeratorN s el s' el' m a
> convStream2 fi iter = fi >>= check
>     where
>     check (Just xs) = lift (runIter iter $ Chunk xs) >>= docase
>     check (Nothing) = return iter
>     docase (Done a _)                   = return $ return a
>     docase (Cont k Nothing)             = convStream2 fi k
>     docase (Cont k (Just "endOfInput")) = convStream2 (return Nothing) k
>     docase (Cont _ (Just e))            = return $ throwErr e
> This may help determine if it's a problem with IO or with the message
> parsing.

Thanks, that's a good idea.

Live well,

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