[Haskell-cafe] only anecdotal .... not a proof of a trend ...

Vasili I. Galchin vigalchin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 03:27:17 CEST 2011


      I received two job postings ... my comments follows the postings:


*#1 Software Developer*

* *

Location: Austin, TX

Duration: 6 months

Rate : $60/hr -$70/hr on w2


*- Straight C experience - Generally need a pure C programmer to ideally
create 1 C file that can be compiled in Win32/Win64/Dos/Shell/Linux*

a.       Prefer C, not C++, but if only C++ still consider it.

b.      Past contractors tried to do too large of things like templates,
huge class structures, etc. so we prefer C over C++

c.       Upper level Windows programming such as .NET detracts because
client wants them to think about all targets, not just Windows

*- Linux experience – Generally need to get a Windows GUI application to be
re-compiled and run in Linux*

a. Hard to find, so first do a key word search of Linux
b. Programming applications background is a big plus
c. Looking for GUI experience so they can scope how the Win32 app looks then
implement the same experience in Linux
d. Client is lacking in Linux background, so need someone that needs minimal
help with Linux.


- Application development – Have several Win32 applications that need to be
compiled as Win64 then tested

a. Experience in testing and familiar with looking for corner case scenarios

- Low level hardware/software interaction knowledge

a. Apps require running a SMI to initiate contact, need candidate to
understand difference between virtual and flat addressing

Elance - United States
See original job posting at Elance
Developer to provide ANSI C software to send (receive not required) email
using an SMTP Server. This software must support: ? AUTH_LOGIN (base 64
encoding) ? NTLM ?

NTLM2 ? CRAM MD5 This software is targeted to run on an embedded
microcontroller but can be developed in Linux or Windows. The following
requirements MUST be met: ? No C++, No C++ Classes...etc ?

No .NET ? No DLLs ? No Libraries ? No OS dependencies (Windows/QNX/MQX or
any other OS) ?

No OS Function Calls ? 100% ANSI C Source is required. Desired Skills: C


Both seem to want to have nothing with C++ (dare I say OOPS?). I work in
mainstream industry. Have others on the mail list seen such job postings
 Is there now a trend against C++ due to somewhat loose type checking and
very statefullness? (Unlike Haskell which splits pure and monads very
clearly vis strong types).

To C++ templates are much more bulky(and ugly) compared Haskell's
polymorphic types. However, it caused me to think where we Haskell
programmers can do "too large of things". ??? Perhaps an unfair question
given that I have no access to the current C++ code.


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