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Arnaud Bailly arnaud.oqube at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 22:40:03 CEST 2011

Hello Albert,
Thanks for taking the time to help me fix this package stuff. So I wiped out
my package.conf.d/ and tried to reinstall my stuff. Installing
template-haskell is ok (2.6 is not, fails to compile on ghc 7.0.3)
but then:

D:\projets\>ghc --make -package ghc main
<command line>: cannot satisfy -package ghc
    (use -v for more information)

I suspect I really *do* have to reinstall haskell-platform. Here is the
output of ghc-pkg list -v:

using cache: C:\Documents and Settings\abailly\Application
using cache: D:/Program Files/Haskell
D:/Program Files/Haskell Platform/2011.2.0.1\lib\package.conf.d:
    Cabal- (Cabal-
    GLUT- (GLUT-
    HTTP-4000.1.1 (HTTP-4000.1.1-267a332938fa742ba5a5d59de0b46d60)
    HUnit- (HUnit-
    OpenGL- (OpenGL-
    Win32- (Win32-
    array- (array-
    base- (base-
    cgi-3001.1.7.4 (cgi-3001.1.7.4-659440ce11c2975fd9c9c471a1e8ff3b)
    containers- (containers-
    deepseq- (deepseq-
    directory- (directory-
    ffi-1.0 (builtin_ffi)
    fgl- (fgl-
    filepath- (filepath-
    ghc-prim- (ghc-prim-
    haskell98- (haskell98-
    hpc- (hpc-
    html- (html-
    mtl- (mtl-
    network- (network-
    old-locale- (old-locale-
    old-time- (old-time-
    parallel- (parallel-
    parsec-3.1.1 (parsec-3.1.1-9da59b00c02e52f9f62f3c87c7e0e2ec)
    pretty- (pretty-
    process- (process-
    random- (random-
    regex-base-0.93.2 (regex-base-0.93.2-9e1b027c41dbec856469a30982495bb9)
    regex-posix-0.94.4 (regex-posix-0.94.4-f5eb628ea5dae5f91552d5ea0e26359d)
    rts-1.0 (builtin_rts)
    stm- (stm-
    syb-0.3 (syb-0.3-8db7bc4339a1cb8a6f2a46c40447ef0b)
    text- (text-
    time- (time-
    xhtml-3000.2.0.1 (xhtml-3000.2.0.1-ace31b2e48c396e565655b0f34f5d2b7)
    zlib- (zlib-

C:\Documents and Settings\abailly\Application
    QuickCheck- (QuickCheck-
    ghc-paths- (ghc-paths-
    utf8-string-0.3.7 (utf8-string-0.3.7-dcbcb8de655cdfe1c4c28c094f8c6799)

Thanks again,

On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 8:59 PM, Albert Y. C. Lai <trebla at vex.net> wrote:

> You have too many instances of template-haskell. The important parts are:
> package ghc-7.0.3-**fc75cf67c86ba2c0d64b07024a18d3**b4 is unusable due to
> missing or recursive dependencies:
>  template-haskell-**7d9b1443ac5ab69e5ed705a487990d**eb
> package template-haskell-**7d9b1443ac5ab69e5ed705a487990d**eb is
> shadowed by package template-haskell-**
> 87f4f416a22a910e480ac9f269479a**5f
> and in "ghc-pkg list -v":
> D:/Program Files/Haskell Platform/2011.2.0.1\lib\**package.conf.d:
>   template-haskell- (template-haskell-**
> 7d9b1443ac5ab69e5ed705a487990d**eb)
> C:\Documents and Settings\abailly\Application Data\ghc\i386-mingw32-7.0.3\
> **package.conf.d:
>    template-haskell- (template-haskell-**
> 87f4f416a22a910e480ac9f269479a**5f)
> I don't know how you got to this unsafe state. But my article explains
> what's wrong with it. (Though my example has different version numbers on
> top of different ABI hashes).
> The user instance of template-haskell (**87f4f416a22a910e480ac9f269479a**5f)
> is getting into the way. Lose it by doing "ghc-pkg unregister --user
> template-haskell" on it. Oh, it will complain about breaking other packages;
> well, lose them too.
> (Or go one step further and lose all of C:\Documents and
> Settings\abailly\Application Data\ghc\i386-mingw32-7.0.3\**package.conf.d
> which means losing all user packages.)
> (Reinstalling haskell platform changes nothing, as long as some user
> package gets into the way.)
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