[Haskell-cafe] An example of enumerator processing some data between input and output

oleg at okmij.org oleg at okmij.org
Wed Apr 20 08:08:10 CEST 2011

Paul Sujkov wrote:

> I played a bit with the enumerator package, and I'm quite stuck with the
> question how to duplex data to two (or more) consumers

Many packages have the combinator named enumPair (or something like
that). Here is one example
The combinator is quite useful for logging, for dumping the contents
of the stream as it is being processed.

> actually I need to pipeline output of one consumer to another
> (outputting text after making some internal representation - with Show
> instance - with the parseData).

You need enumeratees, which convert one stream into another. There are
many examples of those: e.g., converting a stream of bytes into a stream
of lines, or a stream of compressed/encoded data into the plaintext
stream. You enumerator package probably has them. The Stream.html page
also describes many examples of enumeratees.

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