[Haskell-cafe] Problems with installing type-level package

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Sun Sep 19 06:21:40 EDT 2010

On Sunday 19 September 2010 09:58:02, Николай Кудасов wrote:
> $ sudo ./Setup.hs haddock
> Running Haddock for type-level-0.2.4...
> Preprocessing library type-level-0.2.4...
> Warning: The documentation for the following packages are not installed.
> No links will be generated to these packages: rts-1.0,
> template-haskell- Generating and compiling a zillion numerical
> type aliases, this might take a while
> $ sudo ./Setup.hs install
> Installing library in /usr/local/lib/type-level-0.2.4/ghc-6.10.4
> Setup.hs: Error: Could not find module: Data.TypeLevel with any suffix:
> ["hi"]
> in the search path: ["dist/build"]
> I have ghc-6.10.4 (that's what is mentioned in "tested-with" in
> type-level.cabal file) and cabal- Has anyone had some similar
> problems?

I think the cause is haddock invoking TH again, which destroys your 
previously built .hi and .o files for the pertinent modules.
Try running ./Setup haddock before ./Setup build.

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