[Haskell-cafe] Problems with installing type-level package

Николай Кудасов crazy.fizruk at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 03:58:02 EDT 2010

Hi, cafe,

I have a stange thing when trying to install type-level package:

$ sudo ./Setup.hs configure
Configuring type-level-0.2.4...
$ sudo ./Setup.hs build
Preprocessing library type-level-0.2.4...
Building type-level-0.2.4...
[1 of 8] Compiling Data.TypeLevel.Num.Reps ( src/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Reps.hs,
dist/build/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Reps.o )
[2 of 8] Compiling Data.TypeLevel.Num.Sets ( src/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Sets.hs,
dist/build/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Sets.o )
[3 of 8] Compiling Data.TypeLevel.Num.Aliases.TH (
dist/build/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Aliases/TH.o )
[4 of 8] Compiling Data.TypeLevel.Num.Aliases (
src/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Aliases.hs, dist/build/Data/TypeLevel/Num/Aliases.o )
Loading package ghc-prim ... linking ... done.
Loading package integer ... linking ... done.
Loading package base ... linking ... done.
Loading package syb ... linking ... done.
Loading package array- ... linking ... done.
Loading package containers- ... linking ... done.
Loading package pretty- ... linking ... done.
Loading package template-haskell ... linking ... done.
Generating and compiling a zillion numerical type aliases, this might take a
$ sudo ./Setup.hs haddock
Running Haddock for type-level-0.2.4...
Preprocessing library type-level-0.2.4...
Warning: The documentation for the following packages are not installed. No
links will be generated to these packages: rts-1.0, template-haskell-
Generating and compiling a zillion numerical type aliases, this might take a
$ sudo ./Setup.hs install
Installing library in /usr/local/lib/type-level-0.2.4/ghc-6.10.4
Setup.hs: Error: Could not find module: Data.TypeLevel with any suffix:
in the search path: ["dist/build"]

I have ghc-6.10.4 (that's what is mentioned in "tested-with" in
type-level.cabal file) and cabal- Has anyone had some similar
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