[Haskell-cafe] Compile Glade apps (MS Windows system) Was: Re: Trying to compile Glade Gtk2Hs demo / cabal install glade problem

Daniel Kahlenberg d.kahlenberg at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 10 14:00:35 EDT 2010


I'm searching for information on a solution that must have been found
earlier on the list and somehow must have got lost, but have a look now

On 14.08.2010 00:47, Peter Schmitz wrote:
> Thanks so very much Axel and Ivan.
> You were both absolutely correct and I can compile Glade apps now fine.
> Great help!
That's sounds very promising. Lucky you! Would you share the information
with the list - at least I'm really interested in how getting exactly
this done.
> The tricky part (for me) would have been looking at the error from
> cabal install glade:
>       "setup.exe: The pkg-config package libglade-2.0 version >=2.0.0
> is required but it could not be found."
> and determining that the problem was that libglade-2.0.pc needed the
> edit you described,
> but I made the edit and it all works now.
> -- Peter
> ...
> New "cabal install glade" after libglade-2.0.pc edit:
Would you share information about that?? See my comment above...

Thanks for reading

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