[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.12.1

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Mon Sep 6 17:25:22 EDT 2010

I'm pleased to announce hledger 0.12.1, with a new web interface and  
bugfixes. Thanks to Ben Boeckel and David Patrick for their help this  
time around. Installation docs, linux/mac/windows binaries and more  
are at http://hledger.org and http://hackage.haskell.org/package/ 
hledger .

Release notes:

2010/9/6 hledger 0.12.1

   * web: new, better web ui; accounts are now a permanent
     sidebar; add form uses auto-completing combo fields

   * installing: fix a build error with parsec 3 (#22)

   * installing: require exactly matching hledger-lib version
     for more robust builds

   * installing: explicit data-object dependency to ensure
     hledger and hledger-lib use the same time version

   * installing: explicit hamlet dependency for more robust

   * installing: build threaded and with warnings

   * installing: drop -fweb610 flag

   * installing: add gtk2hs-buildtools dependency needed to
     build with -fchart

   * installing: require cabal 1.6 or greater

   * add -D/--daily flag

   * register: with --depth, clip account names or aggregate
     postings rather than excluding them

   * fix !include with deeply nested directories (#21)

   * fix obscured date parse errors with parsec 3

   * handle unicode better in errors

   * fix a ghc 6.12.3 error when running interpreted

Stats: 50 days and 90 commits since last release, now at 5741 lines of  
code with 136 tests and 41% unit test coverage.

Goals for the next release are:

1. implement a plugin mechanism, probably by searching for hledger-*
    named binaries in $PATH at startup and handing over control. This
    should make packaging easier and more scalable.

2. move web/vty/chart features into their own packages.

3. developer docs

4. a public project ledger tracking expenses/income/resources

Problem reports and all help are welcome; additional bugfix releases  
will appear on hackage if needed.


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