[Haskell-cafe] Graphics.Drawing

han e at xtendo.org
Sun Sep 5 20:09:01 EDT 2010

I think there should be Graphics.Drawing (along with Graphics.Rendering) and
many graphics packages should go into it.


* Graphics.Rendering will contain more technical and rendering-engine-level
packages (OpenGL, GD, ...)
* while Graphics.Drawing will be for higher-level and user-friendlier
drawing tools. (gloss, graphics-drawingcombinators, hieroglyph, Chart, ...)

Currently most graphics packages are thrown into Graphics.Rendering or even
Graphics. I think we all agree that having a standalone package right under
Graphics is undesirable. There needs to be at least one subcategory. (which
is why I also think Win32 and X11 should be moved from Graphics to

What do you think?
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