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Hi Alexander,

Prelude FmapFunc> let s = show :: ((->) Int) String
Prelude FmapFunc> :t s
s :: Int -> String

The notation was throwing me, but after staring at it for a while it finally sunk in that show (above) is partially applied.

Thanks, all.


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On Sep 2, 2010, at 11:30 AM, michael rice wrote:
In each case, what does the notation

show:: ...


undefined:: ...

They're type annotations.  show is a function in "many" types:
Prelude> :t showshow :: (Show a) => a -> String
If you want to see the type of a "specific" show function, you need to find a way to "determine" its type.  This is a slightly different function, but it's equivalent in types and semantics:
Prelude> :t \x -> show x\x -> show x :: (Show a) => a -> String
Now we have a named argument, and we can constraint its type with an annotation:
Prelude> :t \x -> show (x :: Int)\x -> show (x :: Int) :: Int -> String

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