[Haskell-cafe] Projects that could use student contributions?

Leon Smith leon.p.smith at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 14:49:05 EDT 2010

There is a lot of room for improvement to my NumberSieves package.
The package consists of algorithms I extracted and polished up from
when I was working on Project Euler problems.   It makes solving a
number of problems into quick five minute affairs.  At some point I
would probably do it myself,  but I don't have a pressing reason to do


Possible Improvements I have in mind:
   1.  Make things faster
   2.  Reduce memory requirements
   3.  Parallelize the sieves
   4.  Incrementalize the Factor and Phi sieves,  so that an explicit
upper bound is no longer required
   5.  Remove limitations so that Factor and Phi can sieve  beyond 2^32

It would be a small and self-contained project,  suitable for anybody
who has an interest in Haskell and mathematics!   If somebody is
interested,  by all means contact me via email,  and I will share the
approach I had in mind.


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