[Haskell-cafe] Missing documentation in Haskell Platform on Windows

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 2 13:26:16 EDT 2010

Arnaud Bailly wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed (succesfully) HAskell Platform 2010.2 on windows and have 
> a small but annoying issue: Some links in HTML documentation lead to 
> broken links. I did not investigate all the links, but I have seen 
> that all doc under Control.Monad.XXX is missing. What am I doing wrong ?

Almost every release of GHC that I can remember has had the links for 
the "mtl" package broken. (The Control.Monad.XXX modules are mostly from 
mtl. But, for example, Control.Monad.Fix is from base. I bet you'll find 
it works just fine.)

Today I went and did a thorough check. HP 2009.2.x.x (I forget exactly 
which one) has links that point to

  C:\Program Files\Haskell Platform\2009.2.x.x\doc\ghc-mtl-x.x.x

which does not exist. There is, however, a folder named

  C:\Program Files\Haskell Platform\2009.2.x.x\doc\mtl-x.x.x

which exists just fine, and appears to contain the correct stuff.

In HP 2010.1.0.0 and 2010.2.0.0, the links point to the latter address, 
but no such folder actually exists. The mtl documentation appears to 
simply be missing entirely, rather than being in a different place than 
where the links point to. Various older releases of GHC (before HP 
existed) have had one problem or the other, always with mtl, never with 
any other package.

I have absolutely no idea why mtl is always broken, but all the other 
packages seem to work just fine. The fact that it happens so routinely 
suggests a problem with the build process rather than a one-off mistake.

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