[Haskell-cafe] [ANNOUNCE] text-xml-qq - XML quasiquoter for Text.XML.Light

Oscar Finnsson oscar.finnsson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 07:21:54 EDT 2010


I've just released the first version of text-xml-qq, It's a Template Haskell
quasiquoter that converts XML code into Text.XML.Light.Element compile time.

Feature requests, bug fixes etc are welcomed. The package only got one
backend (xml-package) at the moment but it should be trivial to add more
backends (e.g. for a bytestring-based xml package).

You can embed Haskell variables in the xml code. Inside xml-elements you use
the syntax {foo} for embedded variables. If you wish to embed an element or
text you use the syntax <<foo>>. See example or the test-file
http://github.com/finnsson/text-xml-qq/blob/master/src/Text/XML/TestQQ.hs at
the project site http://github.com/finnsson/text-xml-qq.

-- Oscar

=== Example ===

Given the variables

    url = "google.se"
    elem = "gmail"
    attrNs = "something"
    attrName = "Pelle"
    attrValue = "Arne"
    elemCont = CRef "testing"
    cont1 = Elem $ blank_element { elName = QName "hej" Nothing Nothing }
    cont2 = CRef "other test"

the code

    <{url}:{elem} {attrNs}:{attrName}={attrValue} attr="cool">
      <elem ns1:elem1="1" ns2:elem2="2"><<elemCont>></elem>
      <elem />
      <el />

will generate the data structure

    element {
      elName = QName elem Nothing (Just url),
      elAttribs = [Attr (QName attrName Nothing (Just attrNs)) attrValue,
                   Attr (qname "attr") "cool"],
      elContent = [
        (Elem $ blank_element { elName = QName "elem" Nothing Nothing,
                          elAttribs = [Attr (QName "elem1" Nothing (Just
"ns1")) "1",
                                       Attr (QName "elem2" Nothing (Just
"ns2")) "2"],
                          elContent = [elemCont]
         (Elem $ blank_element { elName =QName "elem" Nothing Nothing}),
         (Elem $ blank_element { elName = QName "el" Nothing Nothing}),

=== End example ===
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