[Haskell-cafe] Haskellers.com skills list moderation?

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 06:38:18 EDT 2010

My $.02 follows:

> From: Michael Snoyman <michael at snoyman.com>
> There's only two skills which I think absolutely must go:
> Other languages I know: C# .NET, XSLT, Microsoft SQL Server, XML, SQL,
> CSS, C, C++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic Script, Pascal, Rexx, Basic and
> assembler
> tool building

Agreed that both should go.

> There are 11 skills I'm leaning towards dropping, all because they
> fall in the too vague/too general category. Your input is requested on
> these. They are:
> Attribute Grammar

Keep as "Attribute Grammars"

> Cabal, packaging, build and distribution tools

This should be two categories: "Cabal internals" and "Software
packaging/distribution tools".  Keep Cabal internals, possibly keep the

> Categorical Programming

Denotational design
> Digital Forensics


> Fault Tolerant Server Software


drop (possibly keep FTSS, maybe change the name)

> Programming using Arrows

Possibly keep with a different name

> Proving observational equivalence between Haskell programs


> Transactional business applications development

I'm not entirely sure what this means, specifically if it's business
transactions or db/software transactions.

> UNIX Scripting and Tool Authoring

keep as "UNIX Scripting"

> Of the remaining 32 skills, some of them fall in the "too specific"
> range just a bit (software transactional memory, property based
> testing), but I'm inclined to let it slide. These 32 are:
> Advanced type-level programming (GADTs, TypeFamilies, proofs, etc.)
> Algorithmic Problem Solving
> Bioinformatics
> Concurrent Haskell
> DSL Design
> Darcs internals
> Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
> Formal Verification
> Functional graphics programming (2D, 3D, GPU)
> GHC internals
> Generic Programming
> Graphical User Interfaces
> Happstack Web Framework
> Hardware Acceleration DSLs
> Haskell on embedded devices
> High Assurance Software Development
> High-performance Haskell
> Metaprogamming via Template Haskell
> Natural Language Processing (tagging, parsing, translation,...)
> Physics & Simulation
> Programming language translation
> Property based testing (QuickCheck)
> Purely functional data structures — design and implementation
> Reverse Engineering
> Robotics and Automation
> Signal Processing
> Software Transactional Memory
> Teaching Haskell
> Web development (HTML, CSS and Javascript)
> Yesod Web Framework

 I would argue for keeping most of these.  I do think that skills based on
specific packages (Happstack, Yesod, STM?) perhaps should be dropped, except
for packages that are integral to the Haskell universe (compilers, Cabal,
Darcs?, QuickCheck?).  For these packages, I think the "-internals"
categories are the most useful.

What about rolling Happstack, Yesod, etc. into "Haskell Web Frameworks", and
possibly also keeping the "Web Development (HTML, CSS and Javascript)"

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