[Haskell-cafe] Haskellers.com recent changes (and I need some volunteers)

Michael Snoyman michael at snoyman.com
Sun Oct 10 08:06:35 EDT 2010

Hey all,

Haskellers became popular a lot faster than I'd anticipated. This has
prompted me to need to make some changes that I was only planning on
implementing later on. As usual, all points are up for discussion
(this is intended to be a community-run site after all).

* Pagination on homepage. We now see only 10 users at a time.
* The sort order is different. Now, "real haskellers" (we'll discuss
that in a second) come first, sorted by years of experience with
Haskell and then alphabetically by full name.
* We now have site admins. Currently, I'm the only one, but I would
like to add some more (thus the need for volunteers). Admins currently
have four rights/duties:
    * Grant/revoke "real haskeller" status. This status currently only
affects sort order on home page, but might be used for more in the
    * Grant/revoke admin rights.
    * Block/unblock a user. A blocked user will not show up on the
homepage, not be counted for public/private/unverified accounts, and
will have a big nasty "blocked" warning on their user page.
    * Read/close admin messages. These can be created by the following features:
* Users can request "real haskeller" status in their Edit Profile > Extras tab.
* Users can request their account to be unblocked.
* Anyone (logged in or not) can flag a user on their user page.

You'll notice that admins are not able to make any changes to user
data. Anyone who is interested in taking on this responsibility should
email me about it. I think five people should easily be able to handle
this, I'm not anticipating a high load. Then again, I didn't
anticipate over 200 accounts created in a week either.

Oh, and *please* don't email me personally to request a "real
Haskeller" status. If you use the button on the site, it makes it much
easier to add the status. Also, don't take it personally if an admin
denies your "real haskeller" request; it's currently a very poorly
defined notion, and I don't even know who the admins are going to be.


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