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James Sanders jimmyjazz14 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 02:00:27 EDT 2010

I was bored so I threw together this logo tonight 

If you like it I could clean it up a bit.

J. Sanders

On 09/16/10 03:52, Michael Snoyman wrote:
> Hi all,
> Often times when trying to pitch Haskell to potential clients the
> concern is the lack of qualified developers willing to take on
> projects. As I'm sure many of you are familiar with, clients prefer
> not to be locked in to a single programmer: an errant bus can
> significantly reduce the value of their investment.
> So I'd like to get an idea of how many people out there would be
> interested in Haskell web development work. For the moment I'm just
> interested in doing this informally via email, though perhaps in the
> future it would be beneficial to the community to have this
> information centralized on a website. I think it would be useful to
> have some basic skills and experience information, including system
> administration abilities.
> I might also have one or two Yesod projects that I'll need to pass off
> in the future, though it's still unclear if this will happen. If
> you're interested in that, please let me know, I can give some more
> details privately.
> Michael
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