[Haskell-cafe] Papers discussing interpreters for call by need?

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Awesome! Thank you.

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>  As a starting point I would suggest
> Peter Sestoft : Deriving a lazy abstract machine, Journal of Functional
> Programming 7(3), 1997
> ( http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi= )
> Different abstract machines for call-by-need evaluation are built starting
> from Launchburys natural semantics,
> the alpha renaming problem is discussed and solved by using environments
> and at the end by using a nameless
> representation for variables.
> Regards,
>  David
> Am 17.11.2010 22:02, schrieb David Sankel:
> I'm writing an interpreter for a call by need language and have been doing
> a direct implementation of the Launchbury semantics. My problem is that in
> the variable rule, an alpha conversion is done that, as far as I understand,
> is going to hinder any tail call optimization.
>  I realize that the intent of Launchbury's paper is to come up with a
> theoretical framework for call by need, not to guide an implementation per
> say. Is anyone aware of any papers out there that go into detail on the
> construction of an actual interpreter?
>  TIA,
>  David

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