[Haskell-cafe] Re: Making monadic code more concise

oleg at okmij.org oleg at okmij.org
Tue Nov 16 05:49:54 EST 2010

Ling Yang wrote
> I think a good question as a starting point is whether it's possible
> to do this 'monadic instance transformation' for any typeclass, and
> whether or not we were lucky to have been able to instance Num so
> easily (as Num, Fractional can just be seen as algebras over some base
> type plus a coercion function, making them unusually easy to lift if
> most typeclasses actually don't fit this description).
> In general, what this seems to be is a transformation on functions
> that also depends explicitly on type signatures. For example in Num:

Things start to break down when we get to the higher order. In the first
order, it is indeed easy to see that the monadification of the term
	Int -> Int -> Int
should/could be
	m Int -> m Int -> m Int
Indeed, liftM2 realizes this transformation. But what about
	(Int -> Int) -> Int
Should it be
	(m Int -> m Int) -> m Int
A moment of thought shows that there is no total function of the type

	Monad m => ((Int -> Int) -> Int) -> ((m Int -> m Int) -> m Int)

because there is no way, in general, to get from (m Int -> m Int) to
the pure function Int->Int. That is, we can't write
	Monad m => (m Int -> m Int) -> m (Int->Int)
One may try tabulation (for finite domains)

tf f = do
       vt <- f (return True)
       vf <- f (return False)
       return $ \x -> if x then vt else vf

but that doesn't quite work: what if the resulting function is never
invoked on the True argument. We have needlessly computed that value,
vt. Worse, we have incurred the effect of computing vt; that effect
could be failure. We have needlessly failed.

One can say: we need runnable

> class (Monad m) => Runnable m where
>         exit : m a -> a

are there many monads that are members of that typeclass? For example,
Maybe cannot be Runnable; otherwise, what is (exit Nothing)? Any Error
or MonadPlus monad can't be Runnable. 

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