[Haskell-cafe] hmatrix's fitModel function crashes ghc(i)

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> Hello,
> I would like to use hmatrix to do some function fitting with the
> Levenberg Marquardt algorithm. As an example I would like to fit the
> very simple function "f x = a*x + b" on some data points. The problem
> is that executing the 'fitModel' function crashes GHC(i) with a
> segmentation fault. This makes debugging difficult. Can anyone spot
> what I am doing wrong? Given all the lists of Double's it seems very
> easy to make an error regarding the number of arguments with the model
> function or the derivative.
> Try to evaluate the 'test' function in the small program listed below.
> I would expect an output of [1, 0] (y = 1*x + 0) instead of a
> segmentation fault.
> Relevant versions:
>  - hmatrix-
>  - gsl-1.14
>  - ghc-6.12.3 (64 bit)
Is that the 64 bit Linux ghc?

I think the problem is with the GSL random number generation through GHCi.


> module Test where
> Import Numeric.Container(RandDist,randomVector)
> seed = 0
> size = 100
> main = putStrLn $ show $ randomVector seed Gaussian size

This should work when compiled with `ghc --make` and crash when invoked in

I think the problem is with linking static data in GHCi on x86_64.

Hope this helps.  I seem to recall there might be a ghc trac ticket related
to this but a quick search turned up nothing.


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