[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Leksah 0.8

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at arcor.de
Mon May 17 17:41:47 EDT 2010

This is our official 0.8 release.  Anyone still using 0.6 should

Anyone using an earlier 0.8 release should upgrade too (and delete
~/.leksah-0.8/prefs.lkshp and ~/.leksah-0.8/prefscoll.lkshp).

There's lots of new stuff, so please have a look if you can. Let us know
which of the things that aren't there you think we should work on next.

Some changes in 0.8:

 * Workspaces (for working on projects with multiple packages)
 * Better metadata (includes nonexported definitions in workspace
 * Optional downloading of prebuilt metadata for packages
   (you can turn this off in the first start dialog)
 * Better completion (keywords, language extensions, module name,
   non exported definitions)
 * Split in a client and server part (Client part doesn't import
 * Compiles with GHC 6.12
 * Many bug fixes and little enhancements
 * Unstable and very limited Yi mode (vim bindings only for now)

Not new but worth mentioning:

 * <Ctrl> <Enter> evaluates current line or selection in GHCi 
 * <Ctrl> R adds missing imports

To building Leksah yourself:

 * You need GHC 6.10 or 6.12 installed. The preferred way is current 
   Haskell platform.    
 * You need Gtk2Hs including the GtkSourceView2 package.
   (Currently gtk2hs has no release for 6.12. On Linux we suggest you
   use the darcs version and install it via cabal install)
 * cabal install leksah  
 * leksah

Making a Gtk application look nice on Windows and OS X is not easy so
we recommend using one of these prebuilt binaries:

   http://leksah.org/packages/leksah- (Windows)
   http://leksah.org/packages/leksah- (OS X)

(Installation of gtk2hs for the development of gtk2hs apps is not done
by these installers. Please consult http://leksah.org/download.html for
more details about installation! Background information can be found in
the Leksah manual: http://leksah.org/leksah_manual.pdf.
Known bugs and problems:

 * If you have installed an earlier 0.8 version please delete your
   ~/.leksah-0.8/prefs.lkshp and ~/.leksah-0.8/prefscoll.lkshp

 * The server may occasionally allocate much memory, which has been
   observed on Windows. You can simply
   restart leksah (of leksah-server if you have started it separately)

 * leksah don't run with ghc-6.12.2 

Have fun 
Jürgen & Hamish

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