[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Holumbus-Distribution 0.1.0 - distributed data structures

Stefan Schmidt stefanschmidt42 at googlemail.com
Wed May 5 15:06:50 EDT 2010


after a long year, I've finally managed to upload the new version of
Holumbus-Distribution to Hackage.

Holumbus-Distribution offers distributed data structures like Chan, MVar
or functions. These data types can be used for inter-process
communication. With the help of this library it is possible to build
Erlang-Style mailboxes for an easy implementation of distributed systems
in Haskell.

You can find the library on Hackage at:


And the project homepage at:


(for the current documentation please refer to the example
programs in the source bundle, the Wiki will be updated soon)

The following data structures are implemented so far:

* distributed Chan (DChan)
  like the Chan datatype, but it allows the writing
  and reading from other programs

* distributed MVar (DMVar)
  like the MVar data type, but the content of the
  MVar is shared among multiple programs.

* distributed Functions (DFunction)
  an easy way to do remote procedure calls, just like

* distributed Values (DValue)
  a variable which could only be written once and
  which could easily read by other programs

* distributed Streams and Ports (DStream, DPort)
  just like the DChan, but this time, you are only
  allowed to read from the channel from one program

This library was completely rewritten between version 0.0.1 and 0.1.0.
The old packages can be found under Holumbus.Network.* while the new
ones are located at Holumbus.Distribution.*. The old packages will be
removed in future versions (0.2.0).

This library itself is independent from other Holumbus libraries
although it contains some modules which are only to be used by the other
Holumbus libraries but this may change in the near future.



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