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You do not need a DSL at all, in fact. The simplest way to do this, if you use GHC, is to use the GHC api. This can compile everything for you, and return a value with type "Dynamic", from Data.Dynamic and Data.Typeable. It is type-safe, you can write within very little time (even if the documentation for the GHC api is not -- yet -- perfect), and use a real language whose users are still alive.


ps : by the way, if you are interested by this kind of programming, I saw that someone was writing a shell in haskell, called hashell I think. If you want to help him...

> Hello Café,
> I don't know if you know
> conky<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conky_%28software%29>.
> It's a well-known open-source system monitor (a software that displays
> information on the desktop, like CPU frequency, disk usage, network rate,
> etc.).
> It is quite good, but it's very descriptive, and even if you can call shell
> commands it's clearly not made for being scripted.
> What I would do is to make a similar system monitor, which base would be
> compiled Haskell code, but that would be scriptable with some DSL, or
> already existing interpreted language.
> I've thought about a Lisp/Scheme language, since those languages are
> functional, dynamically typed and simple (so enable a quick scripting) and
> I'm not very keen on making my own DSL
> What I would like to know is:
> 1) If you have other solutions
> 2) How do haskellers usually script their applications

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