[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: happstack 0.5.0

Jeremy Shaw jeremy at n-heptane.com
Mon May 3 13:57:20 EDT 2010

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I am very pleased to announce Happstack 0.5.0. It should install  
cleanly from hackage via:

  cabal install happstack

If it does not, please report errors to the happstack mailing list:


(You will, unfortunately, need to be subscribed due to SPAM issues).

Here are the official release notes:

Release Notes:

   This release should fix many (hopefully all) known cabal install
   related issues. It also includes many other improvements detailed

Known issues:

   * dropped support for GHC 6.8. GHC 6.10 and 6.12 currently supported.

   * happstack-data compiled with -O0 due to bug in cabal

      You may be able to change that to -O2 if you first do:

        cabal install --reinstall syb-with-class --disable-documentation

      But we need a solution that works automatically when people run,  
cabal install happstack.

Changes since 0.4.1:

   * many IxSet improvements by Gracjan Polak

     - hide IxSet constructor. use ixSet instead.
     - improved efficiency of gteTLE, getGTE, and getRange
     - get rid of Dynamic, just use Data.Typeable (internal change)
     - added deleteIx
     - Eq and Ord instances for IxSet
     - removed a bunch of cruft
     - greatly improved documentation
     - added stats function
     - Protect user from using unindexed keys in searches in IxSet
     - Runtime safeguard for badly formed inferIxSet indexes
     - Fixed IxSet Default instance
     - More detailed error messages in IxSet

   * work around bug in bytestring which causes the server to hang

   * support for uincode Text and lazy Text types

     - Serialize/Version instances now provided automatically by  
     - instances of EmbedAsChild and EmbedAsAttr for Text for Identity,
       IdentityT, ServerPartT, and WebT.
     - patches sent upstream to HSP, waiting on acceptance

   * Added Serialize/Version instances for time / Data.Time library

   * Improvements to GuestBook demo by Gracjan Polak
     - better handling of Ctrl-C
     - simplified .cabal to only build executable

   * Improvements to GuestBook demo by Gracjan Polak
     - nice command line interface with help message and version  
     - restructured parsing of command line to make it scale better with
       further parameters
     - added reference to Paths_guestbook module to enable  
incorporating version
       and path information generated by cabal.
     - added withLogger transformer guaranteeing clean setup and
       teardown of loggers
     - Added clean shutdown to logging component.

   * fail instance for WebT now includes location of pattern match  
failure. e.g.

       src\AppControl.hs:43:24: Pattern match failure in do expression

   * added expireCookie function

   * Improvements to documentation
   * Additional test cases
   * Fixes many build failures

   * Experimental: Added proof of concept port of happstack-server to  

   * added 'dirs' guard. (Similar to dir, but for a list of path

   * set SO_KEEPALIVE so that dropped connections will eventually time  

   * happstack-util only depends on QuickCheck when compiled with
     -ftests. This is wrong but solves a lot of annoy install failures.

   * file serve functions now use MonadPlus instead of setting  
explicit 404

   * XMLMetaData for webHSP

   * Allow colons in cookie names


  A big thanks to everyone who contributed patches for this release,  

   Gracjan Polak (25 patches in this release!)
   Simon Meier
   Paulo Tanimoto
   Joachim Fasting
   Antoine Latter
   Simon Michael
   Adam Vogt
   Joe Edmonds
   Andrea Vezzosi
   Nils Schweinsberg

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