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Darryn Reid djreid at aapt.net.au
Wed Mar 31 03:56:32 EDT 2010


For what it is worth: I'd propose that Data.HashTable needs to be
replaced; it appears to me having played around with it and found it
wanting that its limitations are pretty common knowledge in the Haskell
community. (I'm sure most people on this list would already know much
more about the limitations of the existing HashTable library than do I,
for am only new to Haskell, so sorry if my suggestion is an


On Wed, 2010-03-31 at 00:00 -0700, Nathan Hunter wrote:
> Hello. 
> I am hoping to take on the Data Structures project proposed two years
> ago by Don Stewart here, this summer.
> Before I write up my proposal to Google, I wanted to gauge the
> reaction of the Haskell community to this project.
> Particularly:
>         -What Data Structures in the current libraries are in most
>         dire need of improvement?
>         -How necessary do you think a Containers Library revision is?
>         -Should I attempt to build on the work Jamie Brandon did with
>         Map as generalised tries, or is that beyond the scope of this
>         project
> I am very excited to work with functional data structures, and I would
> greatly appreciate any input.
> -Nathan Hunter
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