[Haskell-cafe] More Language.C work for Google's Summer of Code

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Wed Mar 31 00:05:59 EDT 2010

Stephen Tetley wrote:
> Much of the behaviour of CPP is not defined and
> often inaccurately described, certainly it wouldn't appear to make an
> ideal one summer, student project.

But to give Language.C integrated support for preprocessing, one needn't
implement CPP. They only need to implement the right API for a 
preprocessor to communicate with the parser/analyzer.

Considering all the folks outside of C who use the CPP
*cough*Haskell*cough* having a stand-alone CPP would be good in its own
right. In fact, I seem to recall there's already one of those floating
around somewhere... ;)

I think it'd be far cooler and more useful to give Language.C integrated
preprocessor support without hard-wiring it to the CPP. Especially given
as there are divergent semantics for different CPP implementations, and
given we could easily imagine wanting to use another preprocessor (e.g.,
for annotations, documentation, etc)

Live well,

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