[Haskell-cafe] How to use unsafePerformIO properly (safely?)

Ivan Miljenovic ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 19:33:14 EDT 2010

I use the dreaded unsafePerformIO for a few functions in my graphviz
library ( http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/graphviz/2999.8.0.0/doc/html/src/Data-GraphViz.html
).  However, a few months ago someone informed me that the
documentation for unsafePerformIO had some steps that should be
followed whenever it's used:

Looking through this documentation, I'm unsure on how to deal with the
last two bullet points (adding NOINLINE pragmas is easy).  The code
doesn't combine IO actions, etc. and I don't deal with mutable
variables, so do I have to worry about them?

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
Ivan.Miljenovic at gmail.com

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