[Haskell-cafe] Trying to figure out a segfault caused by haskeline.

ryan winkelmaier syfran92 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 22:37:41 EDT 2010

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for help with a seg fault that takes out both my ghci and darcs
as well as anything that uses haskeline. A bug on the haskeline trac hasn't
gotten any response so I figured I might as well figure this out myself and
get ghci up and running again.

Using the test program below I get the same segmentation fault, so I run it
using gdb and get the following,

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000000000053fdce in base_ForeignziCziString_zdwa_info ()

My knowledge of this is very limited from here on out so here is what I was
able to get together.

On the 20th call of base_ForeignziCziString_zdwa_info
r14 is 0 so

0x000000000053fdce <+22>:    movsbq (%r14),%rax

produces the segfault.
>From what I understand this is happening in the Foreign.C.String module but
thats as much as I know.
Anyone have advice on where to go next?

System info:
Distribution: gentoo amd64
Ghc version: currently 6.12.1 (though the segfault happends on any of the
ones with haskeline)
Haskeline version:

Here is the test program

module Main where

import System.Console.Haskeline
import System.Environment

Testing the line-input functions and their interaction with ctrl-c signals.

./Test          (line input)
./Test chars    (character input)

mySettings :: Settings IO
mySettings = defaultSettings {historyFile = Just "myhist"}

main :: IO ()
main = do
        args <- getArgs
        let inputFunc = case args of
                ["chars"] -> fmap (fmap (\c -> [c])) . getInputChar
                _ -> getInputLine
        runInputT mySettings $ withInterrupt $ loop inputFunc 0
        loop inputFunc n = do
            minput <-  handleInterrupt (return (Just "Caught interrupted"))
                        $ inputFunc (show n ++ ":")
            case minput of
                Nothing -> return ()
                Just "quit" -> return ()
                Just "q" -> return ()
                Just s -> do
                            outputStrLn ("line " ++ show n ++ ":" ++ s)
                            loop inputFunc (n+1)


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